Drug and Alcohol Restrictions in Lancaster County Housing Programs: What You Need to Know

Are you considering taking part in a housing program in Lancaster County, South Carolina? If so, it's essential to be aware of the restrictions on the use of drugs and alcohol. The Cross-Reference Ordinance, § 2-1; prowling or unloading firearms at county garbage container sites, § 12-66; and possession of alcoholic beverages in the park are all prohibited. According to the House of Representatives report, individuals who use drugs defined in the Controlled Substances Act for medical purposes under the care of a doctor or with a doctor's prescription are not excluded from protection. However, the Lancaster Housing Authority is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on information obtained through their website.

The HUD Handbook 4350.3 states that former drug users are safeguarded by the FHA prohibition against disability discrimination. This includes people who have: (i) successfully completed a supervised drug rehabilitation program; (ii) are currently participating in a supervised drug rehabilitation program and no longer using illegal drugs; or (iii) are wrongly considered to be currently using illegal drugs. It's important to note that all properties must have anti-drug policies, but these policies must be developed and managed in a way that doesn't violate fair housing laws. All information on the Lancaster Housing Authority site is provided for informational purposes only, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

The Lancaster Housing Authority provides links to other websites in an effort to help users find information on topics that might interest them. However, they cannot attest to the accuracy of the information provided by these sites. In conclusion, while current drug users are not protected by fair housing laws, former drug users who have successfully completed a rehabilitation program or are currently in a rehabilitation program and are no longer engaging in illegal drug use are protected. It's essential to understand these restrictions before participating in a housing program in Lancaster County.

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