Transferring Housing Program Benefits to Lancaster County, SC

The Housing Choice Voucher program provides participants with the opportunity to move to a different housing unit and still receive assistance. The Lancaster County Council sets the rates for this program, and staff do not have the authority to reduce or exempt them. In addition, our office is responsible for collecting service impact rates, school impact rates, building valuation data for the website, building valuation data in PDF per square foot per occupancy, and type of construction. If you are interested in transferring your voucher to the Housing Authority of Lancaster (HAL), you must first contact your Initial Housing Authority (IHA) and request it from the port. The HAL will not accept families who have reasons to deny the move due to an action or omission of the family, such as failure to meet family obligations under the housing choice bond; if the family owes HAL money; or if the family has abandoned the assisted unit in violation of the lease agreement.

After relocating to a new home in Lancaster County, you must request it at the counselor's office. It is important to note that HAL meets the issuance and expiration dates of the voucher issued by the family's IHA. This means that you can transfer your benefits from another county to Lancaster County without any issues. However, you must make sure that all requirements are met before making the transfer.

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