What Documents Do I Need to Provide When Applying for Housing Programs in Lancaster County, SC?

When applying for housing programs in Lancaster County, SC, there are certain documents that must be provided in order to be considered. All household members over 18 years of age must present valid photo identification and sign all required consent documents. Additionally, all household members must provide their social security cards (copies are not accepted).Subsidized apartments are available through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To request this type of housing, you should contact or visit the management office of each apartment building that interests you.

The Lancaster Housing Authority provides links to other websites to help users find information on topics that may be of interest. However, the Lancaster Housing Authority is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the user's reliance on information obtained through the website. If you are moving to a new home in Lancaster County, you must request a permit at the appraiser's office. For stand-alone structures or additions to existing structures, you will also need to contact the Lancaster County Zoning Department at (80) 416-9777 to obtain a zoning permit.

The Lancaster Housing Authority cannot attest to the accuracy of the information provided by the linked sites. All information on the Lancaster Housing Authority site is provided to the user for informational purposes only, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

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